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Customer Interaction Management Suite (CIMS)

Crosscode CIMS platform is an end-to-end contact centre suite for setups working with inbound or outbound calling processes. As a design objective it has been built as a lean & resource efficient platform, hence it provides features that are necessary & functionalities that are easy to use. It has a modular architecture and hence components that need to be implemented can be enabled or disabled based on business requirements.

CIMS Platform component structure & additional modules


Multi-channel communcation

Phone call, SMS, mobile apps, email, web forms, Twitter.


IVRS capabilities

Standard, phone banking, CSAT, self-service, speech/DTMF.


CRM integration

SalesForce, SAP, Siebel, Oracle Forms or in-house platforms.


Dialer modes

Preview, auto-preview, predictive with AMD, manual, blaster.

CIMS Platform feature list with benefit points


Operational modes

In-bound, outbound & blended operation modes.


Dialing modes

Predictive, preview, blaster & manual dialing. Auto or ondemand preview dialing. Proprietary AMD algorithm.


Campaign management

Easy & quick campaign control – create, stop, start, load. No programming; No DB query; No SQL.


Dynamic CRM

Instant campaign wise CRM; No coding; No scripting.



ACD, Queue management, Callback management. Integrate with DB/ERP/CBS, speech engines.



Real time dashboards for agents, channel, queue, campaign, dialer statuses.


Voice logger

100% or on-demand voice logging.


QC tool

QC tool to search & playback logs. Search on dispositions, campaigns, agent ids, date-time or caller ids.



ERPs, CRMs, enterprise PBXes, CTI layers, hard phones. Trunks – PRI, GSM, SS7, POTS.


Crosscode SIP IPPBX Softswitch Platform (CrossX)

Crosscode CrossX IPPBX is a feature rich, future ready, smart IPPBX platform which offers all the flexibility and intelligence of a software based enterprise platform.

CrossX offers all the standard features that are available on an EPBX for office operations. The platform also provides advanced features like IVRS, Voice logging, database dips, CRM/ERP integrations.

Crosscode SIP IPPBX telecom side connectivity support

CrossX has been implemented with SS7 trunks for telcos.

CrossX with CIMS has been implemented with GSM gateways tele-calling processes.


CrossX has been implemented as a pure enterprise IPPBX with SIP PRI trunk.

CrossX is compatible with the various telephony trunks that are available from telcos, including GSM based options.

Crosscode SIP IPPBX feature list with benefits for the enterprise


Smart PBX

All standard EPBX functions are supported. Multi-party conference, 1-step, 2-step transfer. Call hold / release; Customised Music on Hold.


Telecom Link

Supports all PSTN links – PRI, E1, POTS, GSM, SS7. Supports all IP Links – SIP, H.323. Supports SIP PRI.


Phone / Extension Equipment

Use standard analog desk phones. Use IP Desk phones. Use soft phones in PC, laptop. Use smart phones or tablets with Wifi SIP endpoints.


Call Hunting, IVRS & Call Blaster

Dynamic user creation, access control, privileges. User grouping. ACD, Queue management, Callback management, OBD. Integrates with speech engines. Auto-dialer for call blasting campaigns.


CRM/ERP/DB Integrations

Capable of database dips from IVR; Can integrate with 3rd party ERP over API/Web services for self-service routines. 


Voice logger & QC tool

100% or on-demand voice logging. QC tool to search & playback logs.


Telephony Integrations

With enterprise EPABX systems, CTI platforms, hard IP phones.


Business hours configurations

Configure voicemail to email. Configure callback announcements. Configure call routing to mobile for Registered Numbers.


CrossDial field connect mobile application

Enterprises which have a large dependency on the communication efficiency of their field force, to run their customer facing operations and overall business, face a daunting challenge of how to monitor such calls and communications happening between field executives and customers?

Field executives need to be on the move, inspite of that can they use the office PRI or telecom trunk to make their calls? Can there be a centralized monitoring, reporting or logging system for calls being made using the executive's mobile phones?

CrossDial is the answer to all the above questions & more...

CrossDial field connect platform screen captures & call flow


Custom built telecom applications

As part of our client engagements, we have been asked to deliver custom designed and developed applications for their call based operations. Such applications could be IVR call flows, CTI based integrations, user screens, mobile interfaces, etc as specified by the client.

Our edge is derived from the fact that all our product lines are in-house built, hence delivering on customer's requirements in a technically & commercially feasible manner is something we have always been able to do.

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