Crosscode's Automotive CLM Datasheet Released.

CLM Datasheet

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CrossX - IP PBX

This page highlights the capabilities of our soft switch or IP PBX - CrossX. This can function as an independent and stand alone PBX as well as integrate with existing legacy PBXes to provide necessary intelligence, reporting/MIS capabilities and other functionalities like voice logging, IVRS, ACD, etc.

Some of the unique applications that have been implemented for various enterprises using stand-alone CrossX IP PBX and custom build admin / process applications which have been developed as per client requirements by our team -





Emergency Response Services

This is an IVRS based employee emergency response service, where employees can call in to get intimated about urgent messages or happenings. This is an agent-less operation. Admins can call in and record emergency messages over a phone call also.

Call Routing Services

Calls landing on a toll-free number from across the country from various retailers / outlets are automatically redirected to their respective services centers, there is no manual intervention.

Multi-party Conference Bridge Services

All India based employees dial into a conference bridge which is hosted in Bangalore, provide their conference IDs and PINs and are automatically directed and connected to their designated conference rooms. The other leg of the conference bridge is connected to a similar system hosted in the US headoffice.

Scheduled Call Connect Services

Patients trying to talk to a doctor or consultant can get their calls scheduled as per the availability of the doctors. Once a call is scheduled, the platform automatically dials the doctor at the scheduled time, dials the patient, when both calls are connected, they are patched so that both can talk to each other.

Call Patching Services

This is a unique call patching system where a caller can get connected to a called party without knowing the called party’s number. They can give a Profile ID or Employee ID. This helps in protecting each party’s private details but at the same time allowing them to talk to each other.

Call Blasting Services

This is used to do call blasting campaigns, where a huge number of contacts are dialed simultaneously and when they are connected a pre-recorded message is played to them. The users can also punch in some feedback on the message.

Conference Blasting Services

This can be used for one – to – n party conference, where one user dials into a particular number and this in turn initiates simultaneous calls to a list of pre-defined numbers. As the called parties get connected they become participants in the conference. In this system only 1 user (the leader) can talk and rest participants can only listen. If they want to talk, their message will be taken as a recording.