Crosscode's Automotive CLM Datasheet Released.

CLM Datasheet

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Crosscode UCC Platform

Crosscode Unified Customer Contact Center Platform, is an end-to-end call center platform for call center setups working with inbound or outbound calling processes. It has a modular architecture and hence components that need to be implemented can be enabled or disabled based on business requirements.

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Key Features
  • Supports In-bound, Out-bound & blended operations.
  • Built-in QA tool for voice recording, playback and download
  • Highly scalable architecture and resource efficient
  • Intelligent & highly configurable campaign, DNC, churn, re-try management tools
  • Highly available system, with in-built fail-over mechanism.
  • Real-time dashboard for channel status, trunk availability, agent activity, queue status, campaign penetration
  • Supports predictive / preview / auto-preview  / blaster (OBD) / manual dialing modes
  • Exhaustive & customizable set of reports on agent performance, lead penetration, dialer performance.
  • Supervisor can barge-in, coach, monitor, change agent ready / not ready, etc non-intrusively and on-demand.
  • Intelligent and configurable call back feature & queue management for inbound operations
  • Can integrate with any Web-based or applet based CRM or Oracle Forms application
  • Customizable MOH
  • Supports operator trunks for both ISDN PRI (E1/T1) circuits as well as SIP trunks
  • IVRS with ACD capabilities defined as per business requirements.
  • CallDesk Agent Desktop comes with “WYSIWYG” user-friendliness & inbuilt softphone
  • Can integrate with any legacy PBX or channel bank to connect analog extensions